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Barrages, also known as cakes, single-ignition fireworks or multi-shot fireworks, are essentially a collection of firework shots, connected together in a box that you light just once.

They come in a huge variety of sizes and differ vastly in the amount of shots per box.

To light a barrage, you only need to ignite one fuse, after which you can watch a stunning fireworks display lasting anywhere between 20 seconds and four and a half minutes. 

Barrages contain all sorts of different ariel effects and some may even contain fountain like ground effects that add to the display - check the descriptions and videos.

In the lower price ranges the effects tend to be a bit more repetitive, that said there are some gems to be found that have great variety. As you go up the price ladder they tend to get larger in terms of the size of the effects but also in their variation. Some even sending multiple shots up into the air at the same time, in a fan effect, to really fill the sky.

Barrages are ideal if you want a more impactful display, their quick firing effects are exciting but also come with minimal effort and are perfect for New Years Eve, weddings and parties. 

If you are heading to a fireworks party and are asked to bring something, we would suggest one of our mid-range barrages that will not only be an impressive fireworks piece on its own but also work well within a larger fireworks display.

TIP: As you move through the price range they tend to become more powerful and more varied, until you reach the top end where you can purchase a full and varied display all from one box.

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